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What Separates Ultrabooks From Traditional Laptops

UltrabooksUltrabooks are one of the newest things in today’s market for portable computers. There has been a lot of buzz since they were made available with many people even speculating about how they could become the top seller when it comes to things such as laptops in consumer popularity and sales. So what is it about these ultrabooks that is leading people to choose it over traditional options such as laptops and desktop computers?

Ultrabooks began as an idea to create a sleek and extremely portable computer, without sacrificing any functionality. Since then, it has become a staple within the computer industry and it only continues to become more and more popular. Because they are built to optimize portability, they are very slim and light. The average screen size is about 2 inches less than that of an average laptop computer. On top of this, most varieties weigh in about 3 pounds, which makes it an ideal choice for people that are always on the go.

Despite the decrease in size, the computers still have powerful hardware, so users don’t lose any speed. In fact, because of some of specially designed attributes, they are faster in many ways when compared to other devices.  Many ultrabooks are designed to wake up from hibernation within 7 seconds, and are even faster than that when coming out of sleep mode. They also generally come with many of the features that are standard in other portable computers, such as ports, a backlit keyboard, speakers, and even a webcam. This ensures that they are just as capable and user ready as their technological predecessors.

Another major perk of ultrabooks is that they are manufactured and programmed with battery life in mind, to further enhance their portability. Battery power is also an important issues when it comes to mobile devices and this is why they are built with processors that use less power, but that still maximize the computer’s swiftness. Unlike bigger laptops, which often get a few hours of life from a full charge, these commonly get over 5 hours and are capable of getting up to 7, depending on what it is being used for.

Producers also normally make the computers with quality materials that are uncommon in regular laptops, such as aluminum, glass, and magnesium. This helps with durability and gives them an all-around sturdier look and feel. Additionally, it adds a lot in terms of aesthetics, giving them a very smooth and fashionable appearance. Overall, they differ from traditional laptops mainly in their size and weight, which greatly optimize them to be portable. Add to this the incredible speed to make them functional for any user;they have become the perfect options for students, business professionals and average users alike.

Author Bio:

Roger Vasslley is a computer technology advocate that blogs regularly about the ultrabook and other portable devices within the industry. When it comes to shopping for ultrabook computers, he strongly recommends that you check out and review their product offerings.

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