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Ways To Crop A Video

If you have videos and clips that are not exactly the way you wanted or expected it to be, you can always change into a high-quality one. The only requirement for doing the same is to have a good software that allows you to edit your program files. There are many video-editing programs and most of them offer all the basic editing that you want. But if you want a much more flexible software and a one that will let you explore more options you must check out Movavi. It is the one that shall meet all your requirements and let you do anything that you can think of doing. Though different editing programs have been built with different interface the basic procedure to use all of them is the same. The importing, trimming and the effects and titles that you would like to add can be done in a similar manner for most of them.

Ways To Crop A Video

  • The first thing that you have to do is to choose the program where you want to edit and then download and install it. Once you are through with the installation process and the software is ready to be used you can start off. You need to choose the option of creating a new project or file when a prompt appears. You can also give your movie a name and then just click OK.
  • The top right corner has the option of edit. Click the edit button. To see the details of the video or audio that you have imported, you need to click the button that reads timeline view below the video screen on the left.
  • To import the file that you want to click on the import and see through the files on your computer and choose. If you want to select multiple files, use the ctrl or shift keys. Simply drag the selected files in your timeline that is right at the bottom. If in the software that you are using your file does not show you can drag it by opening it in windows explorer.
  • You can simply click the video click from the interface to select it and once you have clicked on the clip you shall see horizontal arrows. You can move your mouse left or right after clicking once to crop the video. You can also set markers using the edit option to choose specific areas and ranges that you would like to trim.
  • To separate the audio clip from the video press a certain key combination that is present in the manual. Once you have selected the audio successfully just press delete and it will be erased. If you want to add new audio tracks similarly import audio files and add it.
  • There are a lot of effects also that you can add. Choose what you wish to do and adjust its effect the way you want and the length you desire. Do not forget to save your file in the place that you want.

Movavi’s video converters come with lots of added features and available at at a competitive pricing.

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