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Low Budget Property Surveillance – Using Trail Cameras as Security Cameras

Using Trail Cameras as Security CamerasHuge development steps taken in digital camera technology in recent years has made digital cameras smaller and cheaper without compromising the picture quality. This development has created new applications where digital cameras can be used, and also equalized access to them, since more and more people can now afford buy these products.

Let’s take surveillance cameras as an example. Back in the old days only big companies or rich individuals could afford to have them. Nowadays almost anybody can buy and set up surveillance cameras. Only limiting thing is the budget. If you have the money, you can easily get a complete surveillance system installed for you. And on the other hand, even though if you have a very limited budget, there are still many options available.

One of the relatively cheap options is to use trail cameras to monitor your property. According to some estimation, roughly 1/3 of all trail cameras are purchased for surveillance or security purposes. Most commonly in these cases trail cameras are used for checking roads for unauthorized vehicles, or monitoring home or vacation cabin and gardens for potential vandals or unwelcome visitors.

There are many benefits what comes to use of trail cameras as security cameras. Modern trail cameras are small and usually camouflaged, so when mounted in a good location, they are really hard to notice. Thanks to lo-glow and no-glow IR flashes used in most of today’s trail cameras, there is no warning for intruders during night time that their photo is being taken. Nowadays, even affordable trail camera models can take good quality images, also in night time. Typically the images taken are tagged at least with date and time information, so you will know the exact moment when your property was violated. Generally trail cameras are also able to record short video clips,
but the quality of the video can vary a lot.

When purchasing a trail camera for security purposes the most important considerations are things like trigger speed and recovery time, detection zone, flash type and range, image resolution and battery life. If you are new to trail cameras you should first get familiar with these concepts. A good buying guide can help you with this. After that, it is time to get to know different trail camera models that fall in to your budget. Start by visiting trail camera manufacturers’ websites, reading reviews and customer feedbacks, and browsing trail camera manuals. After a while you should have obtained a good overall picture what’s on the market and how it matches your needs and budget. It is then time to purchase your trail camera.

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