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Adding Subtitles to Videos with the Movavi Video Editor Review

Adding Subtitles to Videos with the Movavi Video Editor ReviewRegardless of whether you’re creating a video presentation, tutorial or even just a funny video clip – adding subtitles to your video is definitely a good idea. For starters it will help anyone who has hearing impairments to follow what’s going on in your video. On top of that it will also give your video a certain professional and polished look.

If you’re thinking about adding subtitles to MP4 or any other video format then you should be able to do so with a video editor – such as the Movavi Video Editor. Using it to add subtitles or any other text to your video is really simple and consists of:

  1. Load the video into the software by clicking ‘Add Media Files’ and selecting it.
  2. Click the ‘Titles’ tab and select whether you want ‘Simple’ or ‘Animated’ style and then go over the different options while seeing how they look in the ‘Preview’ area.
  3. Once you decide on a style, drag it into the ‘Timeline’ and adjust its position till you’re satisfied.
  4. To type and edit the font as well as duration, speed, and color of the text that you want to add, double click the text in the ‘Timeline’.
  5. When you’re content with the subtitles you’ve created, repeat the process for every scene.
  6. Save your video when you’re done by clicking ‘Export’.

See how easy it is to add subtitles with the Movavi Video Editor? If you want there’s a lot more you can do with it as well, including cutting and combining segments of video, enhancing the video quality, adding audio tracks, applying special effects and filters, and even adjusting the frame or orientation of the video.

With the help of these features you should be able to create a truly professional-looking video – complete with subtitles. In fact, you could even use the same technique to create captions, watermarks, titles, or any other text that you may want to add to your video. Just be sure that it is tasteful and enhances your video in the process.

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